In Style eXchange™ (ISE) is a boutique fashion business consultancy and B2B services company. Unlike other traditional cut and sew contractors, we are the pioneer in process-driven apparel engineering to ensure quality and results.



Jenny Claire Siede, Director of All Things, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. For the past 14+ years, she has executed and managed brand development projects for designer labels and consulted on over 600+ innovative ideas in her left/right brain unicorn ways.

Before launching ISE for apparel development, she worked in Information Technology (IT) building smart applications for real-time trading, pharmaceutical, energy and banking industries. She also holds certificates from Boston University in Management Information Systems, and in Managerial/Financial Accounting from Boston College.

We know process and we understand bottom line.


First and all design consultation sessions are made by appointments only, each consultation session is $375 for up to 2 hours of emails. This could include advice on how to start your clothing line, sourcing materials and manufacturing estimates. All other service fees are determined upon your needs and the complexity of the projects.


We are committed to the principles of Fairness and Sustainability. We don't compete for lowest cost which is ultimately unsustainable for any business. Rather, we focus on quality, efficiency and low production minimums. We guarantee that you are working with a team that believes in kindness, community enrichment and individual empowerment.

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